Yacht Cocktail Party

May 19, 2015 by Amanda Willis

Nantucket is gorgeous place to visit in summer, surrounded by gorgeous gray-shingled cottages at the islands boat basin with breathtaking views in the bay and of the sunset. The Sisters’ Soiree helped co-host a cocktail party on a yacht, which provided a wonderful location (and theme!) for the event. Since there is so much to see and do in Nantucket, I knew this was the type of party where guests are coming and going. It is a big vacation spot, so I treated the yacht party as the place to stop by before dinner reservations to say hi to friends and enjoy a drink and a bite to eat. It ended up being the perfect evening! See the breath taking images below!

TheSistersSoiree.comIt was important to keep the menu simple, I was preparing all the food on the boat in a very small work space and had limited resources on the island. And since this was not a formal event, I kept the food off to the side to get all the guests mingling! My go-to menu options in order to keep it simple are a large meat and cheese platter, an overgrown crudite and unique dips and crackers. And for this party in particular, I wanted to feature the amazing seafood the island has to offer. I hired a local fish market to come and display a raw bar right on the dock! I added bite-size lobster rolls to the menu as well as clam chowder shooters, yum!


Once I gathered all the dried meats and cheese I wanted to serve, I realized I may have over bought! Rather than using a platter to build the dish, I used a larger wooden cutting board to display the food. Once I cut and stacked everything, I decorated with fresh herbs. They add gorgeous color to the dish and give an earthy feel to the party.

I love crudites! They look great, easy to make and on the cheap side too! Your guests will love a crudite as well because it is often one of the lightest menu options of the party. And as a decorative tip, rather than using bowls for dips or dressing, I carved out a head of red cabbage to display

While I was away, locals kept telling me the best clam chowder was from Straight Wharf, a small fish market who shares the same name as the restaurant that sits in front of it near the basin. And since I didn’t even want to try and recreate it, I opted to order it! There is nothing wrong with getting outside help when entertaining, if something is the best, why challenge it? I served the soup in small plastic cups with a crusty baguette. The perfect way to warm up during cool Nantucket evenings!

Finally, one of the stars of the event was the raw bar! The market, 167 raw, will come to where ever you would like (house, event, boat and even dockside) and set up a gorgeous raw bar full of clams, oysters and shrimp complete will all the toppings to choose from. As each guests sample the bar, there was a “shucker” there to open the clams and oysters as needed. So cool!




Party Tips

  • Decorate platters of food with fresh herbs to add extra color where needed.
  • Replace bowls with hollowed out cabbage heads, peppers, squash, any fruit or vegetable big enough to hold dip!
  • There is nothing wrong with semi-homemade! If you hear someone in towns makes the best dish, sometimes it is totally worth ordering it saving you time and a headache in the long run. Your guests won’t even notice and will be stoked to be at your bash anyway!
  • Decorate with fresh flowers! It is amazing what a pop of color will do to a tablescape, Ashley and I make sure we have them at every soiree!

This was such a fun party to plan for! Surrounded by gorgeous scenery, the best company and good bites is the best way to spend a summer night.

Until next time, Nantucket!





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