Wine Soiree

Weekend To Do: Host a Wine Soiree!

January 23, 2015 by Amanda Willis

There is a chance of snow this weekend, so there is no better time then to call the girls and host a Wine Tasting Party!

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Tips for Hosting a Wine Soiree

  • Spray paint the stems of wine glasses with chalk board paint and have guests write their name on their glass with chalk.
  • Decorate with corks you have been saving! They look beautiful in a vase as a centerpiece or glued to a wreath to set around a candle.
  • Have guests bring a bottle of wine. This will cut costs for the host and provide the party with an array of different varieties of wine.
  • Serve small plates of food such has grapes, crackers and cheese, crudite, spanakopita or even mini quiches. This is more fun than a traditional sit down dinners and will get your guests moving and mingling! We think flow is important to take into consideration at any event. We want our guests to be comfortable and feel at home at our soirees so that is why we always want everyone to be interacting with each other. And it puts less pressure on the host so she won’t feel like she needs to orchestrate the evening conversation.
  • Decorate with wine hues of green and purple to set the theme of the wine soiree. Or even use empty wine bottles as candle holders.
  • Find cute cocktail napkins with wine jokes on them. Home Goods is the best place for cocktail napkins! They have the quirkiest, funniest napkins I’ve ever seen and always for under three bucks!
  • Finally, start tasting! You will never know what kind of wine you prefer if you haven’t tried them all! So let the white, red and even pink flow all night!


-Amanda xo

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