Seven Ways to Reuse Your Mason Jars

August 28, 2014 by Amanda Willis

Ever since the mason jar craze, we find ourselves storing a ton of them away, only to be taken out when we serve margaritas or in the need of water glasses. As we do an end of season clean out, we are dusting off the mason jars and putting them to good use! See what we came up with!

1. Keep Coffee Fresh

TheSistersSoireeOnce you have coffee beans freshly ground at the cafe, instead of leaving it in the bag, seal in its freshness with a mason jar. And don’t stop at just the coffee. Bring your friends homemade salsas, bloody mary mix and cookie mix in jars as a hostess gift!

2. Organize Your Makeup Counter


I know I’m guilty of not keeping my makeup organized. Use mason jars to store hold your makeup brushes, nail polish and more.

3. Hold Kitchen Utensils


A quart size mason jar is the perfect size to hold all your kitchen utensils! The best part is that no matter what color or style your kitchen is or want to change it to, the always neutral mason jar will be the perfect fit.

4. Create a Rustic Centerpiece


Take long pasta and fill a few mason jars to line down the center of your table. Add a few rustic pieces such as this vase and you just made a five minute centerpiece, go you!

5. Clean Up Your Work Space


I love the idea of using mason jars at my desk! Such a cute alternative to a pen holder. Mason jar too deep? Add rock or sand to the bottom for an added color pop and bring all your tools up.

6. Organize the Bathroom


Perfect for your guest bathroom so no one is searching through your personal items in cabinets and draws. Leave everything you think they will need in plain view. Store cotton rounds, Q-tips, tampons and nail polish in mason jars on a shelf or back of toilet.

7. Create Backyard Wall Art


TheSistersSoireeWhen we were cleaning out our basement, we came across my old college tapestry, mason jars, silk flowers, ribbon and my grandfather walking stick. And we thought we would tie all these items together as a DIY project. The final product? This really cool wall art we hung outside on a fence. Not too shabby, eh?

How do you recycle mason jars? Let us know!







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