Time to Start Your Holiday Festivities

November 1, 2013 by Amanda Willis
The Women of Sex and City know how to enjoy  a good holiday party

The Women of Sex and City know how to enjoy a good holiday party

Happy November everyone! With Halloween over it is time to start thinking about the holidays! From invites to food to presentation, there is a lot that goes into planning the perfect seasonal bash so it is best to get a head start. Here are a few tips to host your best holiday soiree yet!

1. Send invites early

The key here is to book your friends before they get booked. This is the time of year when our buds start to drop off the planet. Everyone is busy with their family, Christmas shopping and attending work parties and so on. It is better that you have your invite out first so you can confirm their attendance. This year with a very late Thanksgiving, there is only four weeks between Turkey Day and Christmas, scary right? To make sure you are on your friends list during that short time, it is best to send out your invitations out early. Don’t have the papery on you now? Send a Save the Date email letting your pals know the date you are thinking about, in the email say there is a formal invite to follow. An actual hand held invitation is harder to decline!

2. Choose a creative theme

Don’t brand your party as another holiday get together, get creative with it. Cookie exchange, Secret Santa, Ugly Holiday Sweater, Friendsgiving, Pot-luck, Gingerbread House Making, Karaoke, Throwback Thursday.. the list is endless! ┬áHave the party your friends talk about well into the new year.

3. Set the mood

Music gets a party going, rather then spending hours on end trying to create the perfect playlist for your bash, just simply turn on Spotify or Pandora and tun on a fun station that will keep you and your guests vibin’ all night.

4. Create flow

Guests tend to flock to the kitchen during parties and it can get a little too crowded especially when you are putting out your spread. To have guests enjoy other parts of your home, spread out the main attractions through out your house. Set up a bar in one room, coat check in another, a fun game in another, this way people are constantly moving and will help your guests talking to everyone.

5. Accept help when offered

We all want to be the perfect host and not have our guests do the dirty work, however your guests want to help. It is an act of appreciation for throwing a great party so let a pal wash and dry dishes, let your buds bring a crudite or cupcakes, both you and your guests will be happy you did.

6. Plan accordingly

Don’t be the host running around like a chicken with their head cut off. Parties take a lot of time to plan. So I like to plan my menu two weeks before to allow time for last minute changes. A week before I go out and buy any new glasses or decor I need. The week leading up to the party I create sets of lists of things needed to get done, food shopping, setting the table, buying the booze, set the bar and so on. This way I see everything I need to get done and do a little bit each day. I like to do the food shopping the day before so the day of the party I can focus on cooking and straightening up the place. All of this prep work will have you relaxed when guests come in because you know you have everything under control.

7. Enjoy yourself!

It is your party so you better enjoy it! Have a cocktail, mingle, relax, after all it is a party!


What are some your tips for hosting a holiday soiree?

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