The Sisters’ Soiree: Wine & Small Plates

July 12, 2013 by Ashley Willis
The Sisters' Soiree: An evening of Wine & Small Plates

The Sisters’ Soiree: An evening of Wine & Small Plates

Short on time? We were too when we decided to have the girls over last weekend. Rather than rushing around to put dinner, dessert and a full bar together we decided to turn our gathering into a casual evening of wine and small plates!

THE DRINKS: We set up a simple bar to serve vodka lemonades with fresh lemons and strawberries over ice – a refreshing cocktail for a hot summer night.  We also had a few bottles of one of favorite white wines, Barefoot Wine Pinot Grigio. Ice buckets and short clear, acrylic glasses and cocktail napkins accompanies our set up to serve guests.

THE FOOD: The grub was kept casual and light. We went for cold dishes for the summer night, choosing a combination of veggies, cheeses and pasta salads.

  • Cheese Plate: Cheddar and Brie make a tasty option, not to mention they’re a favorite among our group of friends!
  • Mozz & Tomato Sticks: Probably the tastiest of combos! We found some fun toothpicks from our local Dollar Tree store to create our tomato and mozzarella cheese skewers. We drizzled with a balsamic dressing to finish!
  •  Veggie Platters: It doesn’t get any easier than this one! We sliced our favorite veggies to serve with ranch dressing on our plastic tray from the party store.
  • Italian Pasta Salad: The traditional pasta salad with mayo was a bit too heavy for our light soiree, so we opted for something a little different. We mixed up tricolor pasta, diced red and yellow peppers, black olives, tomatoes and threw in some green peas and tossed the pasta salad with olive oil, vinegar, fresh basil, salt and pepper. This pasta salad matched our light fare for evening much better than the traditional recipe!

THE DECOR: The bar and dining table were kept very simple to match our casual feel. Sunflowers are in full bloom this time of year, so we picked up some fresh bouquets to place in Mason Jars for the table. All of our food was in the center of the table for guest to help themselves and pass around. We grabbed a stack of our favorite appetizer china plates to set next to the food. By not setting the table formally, it allowed for a more casual look.

What type of small plates do you serve for casual gatherings?

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  1. Beautiful !! I bet it was all good !!!

    Comment by Tara Lyons-Roig — July 16, 2013 @ 5:28 pm

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