The Sisters’ Soiree: Backyard Barbecue

August 7, 2013 by Amanda Willis


One of our favorite things about summer is being able to get the family together for a classic barbecue! Getting the everyone together from all over the county to enjoy the pool with an endless spread of food and drinks is always a good time. But have many guests or lots of food options doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. See how we put together a bargain BBQ!

THE DRINKS: Cold beer and wine are a necessity for a backyard bash, we bought a few cases to give our guests some options. Everyone has a different taste when it comes to beer, go for a light, an amber and a seasonal. We chose Bud Light Platinum  Blue Moon and the last Summer Shandy we could find in stores!

Barefoot Chardonnay has always been our go-to when entertaining. We also gave the option of sangria. We get the store bought jug and put into a nice pitcher with Triple Sec and fruit to taste homemade!



  • Orzo pasta salad with tomatoes, olives and broccoli. Pasta salads are great for backyard parties, they are so versatile, you can add anything from your fridge and it will be delish!
  • Fresh tomato, mozzarella and basil salad is a staple at all our barbecues. People love it! Get the big tomatoes from your local farmers market which are super cheap this time of season. Add mozzarella or any cheese your prefer, for this dish we added brie and German Swiss.
  • Cold string bean and red pepper salad with crumbled feta. This is a great dish because it can be made hours in advance. Blanche string beans and take jarred roasted peppers, add the cheese and oil and vinegar and cool until guests arrive.

Main Dishes

  • Hot dogs and cheese burgers. It is not a barbecue until there are dogs and burgers on the grill!
  • Grilled pizza made fresh. Take store bought dough, quickly grilled both sides on the grill. Add sauce and toppings add back to grill. Once cheese is melted, you will have a pizza as good as coal fired!
  • Chili and espresso grilled London broil with chili pesto. London broil is a very cheap cut of meat but still very tasting! It is so easy to add seasoning and throw on the grill. Slice thin and guests will becoming back for seconds and thirds!
  • Grilled yellow and green squash and red pepper. All fresh, lightly coated with olive oil and butter. Use a pan made for the grill and vegetables will be perfect.
  • Grilled chicken salad, mixed greens, eggs, garden vegetables and peppers. Take out the dressings from your fridge and give guests option to dress their salad on their own.


  • Grilled pound cake with grilled rum soaked peaches and ice cream, mouth watering yet? I took store bought pound cake, threw it in a grill pan. Grilled peaches. Then using the juices from the pan, added butter, more rum and caramel to make a sauce. Finish with whipped cream and ice cream. Guests will think they are at a gourmet restaurant with a dessert like this.

THE DECOR:  For a backyard barbecue, elaborate decor is not needed! The greenery from the backyard, the blooming flowers and the pool sets the scene beautifully. For the buffet table, we had fun napkins and place and that’s it! Simple tableware and natural landscape will be just enough for a outdoor gathering. CHEERS!

How do you entertain in the summer? Let us know!


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