The Office Soiree: Tips for a Successful Office Party!

October 28, 2013 by Ashley Willis
The Office Soiree!

The Office Soiree! (

October celebrates National Boss Appreciation Day – the perfect excuse to throw an office soiree! While the actual holiday falls on October 16th, my office hosted our celebratory party a bit late due to our hectic schedules (which is a good problem to have in the PR industry!) . Here are four tips to make sure your office soiree is a success …..

  • Pick the Perfect Location within Your Office: If your office has a conference room, this is your best bet! We gathered around our conference table, but any large room will do – as long as there are tables for the food and ¬†seating available.
  • Recruit Colleagues to Participate in the Planning! It would take a lot of work to throw an entire office soiree by yourself on top of your daily workload. Ask colleagues for help! In my experience, everyone is willing to help out for an office party! Everyone in the office should bring either a food item or a drink for the group.
  • Don’t forget about the Details! Even at your office party, you can still take steps to add in the little details that go a long way. For my office party, I brought two fall flower arrangements, cocktail napkins and plates to match! I brought in a bright blue plastic tablecloth to place over the conference room table. We also added background music, which really helps make it feel like a party rather than a staff meeting.
  • Food and Drink Reminders:¬†When it comes to the drinks, only serve alcoholic drinks if everyone is of age. If you’re party is during the work day, don’t get too crazy with your drink of choice! Champagne is usually a safe bet for a daytime party. Be conscious of any food allergies or dietary restrictions your colleagues or bosses may have. You want your potluck menu to reflect items that everyone can enjoy!

What do you serve at your office parties? Share in a comment below!

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