Soiree Must-Have: The Perfect Lighting

July 2, 2014 by Ashley Willis

When hosting a soiree at home or helping an organization plan an event, we usually run into the same issue with evening gatherings – how can we provide a dim light that will accentuate the event space, but isn’t too faint or overpowering? We typically turn to candles to provide that glow we’re looking for but we often fear what might happen if they’re left unattended for too long. So we absolutely love battery-operated tea light candles! The tricky part has been finding the perfect tea light holder for them to really shine. Enter Candle Luminary.

Candle Luminary (

Candle Luminary (

Each hollow wax candle luminary by Candle Luminary, LLC is handcrafted by their candle technicians and made to order. Since their candles are made from real wax, they accentuate your battery operated tea light better than any other tea light holder! The wax illuminates the small light inside, creating a soft yet bright glow to give a light in the areas you need it most. They look like real candles, but with with a better glow and provide peace of mind.

Why We Love Candle Luminaries

We placed these hollow wax candles around our own yard with rechargeable tea lights and absolutely loved the way they glowed. As it got darker, the spaces with these hollow wax luminaries were glowing. It’s an easy way to get the mood lighting you want for both indoors and out. Even better, you can buy or rent a variety of sizes and colors, including floating luminaries and tabletop or walkway-size square and circle shaped luminaries. For larger events, such as company parties, fundraisers, or weddings  they’re a great addition.

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