The Mason Shaker

Soiree Must Have: The Mason Shaker

April 15, 2015 by Ashley Willis

We stumbled upon The Mason Shaker on, and fell in love! A soiree must have, this unique shaker is definitely a conversation starter at your next party. The Mason Shaker Bar Set ($49 available here: link)  includes a 32 oz. Mason jar with cocktail shaker lid, a wooden muddler and a Stainless steel jigger to measure your shots! Think of all the nifty cocktails you could create in this unique shaker! If you’re looking for inspiration, the Mason Shaker guys have an entire cocktail recipe book to help you..

About the founders (as featured on Shoppe by
“College kids under the influence rarely have the best of ideas, but Josh and Eric? Well, they happened to come up with something more than the typical half-baked, libation-induced scheme. Always prepared to improvise at a moment’s notice, the college roommates found themselves using mason jars as cocktail shakers one night, and an idea was born. The duo uses iconic southern design to create barware essentials rooted in vintage Americana. So whether you’re serving up moonshine on a back porch or a martini done up neat, these items give your cocktails a nod toward the rustic south”.

Mason Jar Cocktail ShakerCarry On Old Fashioned KitShake: A New Perspective On Cocktails BookMason Jar Cocktail Shaker Bar Set with Tote Bag

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