Soiree Inspiration: The Every Girl’s Farewell to Summer Soiree

August 12, 2013 by Ashley Willis
Photo Credit: Naomi Choker;

Photo Credit: Naomi Choker;

We were filled with delight when we spotted The Every Girl‘s post this weekend on how-to throw a Farewell to Summer Soiree! Obviously, this is right up our alley, so we just had to share with you all! We love finding inspiration for new soirees and this feature did just that. Here’s a look at our favorite tips from the article that you can use at your next soiree……


Our favorite tips from The Every Girl’s Farewell to Summer Soiree (styled by Sarah Tucker Events):

  • Soiree Menu Cards: Sent with the invitations was a small menu card for guests to get a preview of what was in store for the afternoon soiree. We love this idea to help guests visual the upcoming event and get them excited about the tasty foods that will be laid out! We also love the idea of a menu card placed on your table with the place setting or on the bar as they grab their drinks. It’s a small detail that will have a big impact!
  • Name Cards at Each Place Setting: When guests arrive there can be an awkward dance of trying  to figure out where you should sit. Whether you have 4 people or 10 people for a sit down dinner, no one ever seems to want  to sit down first. Name cards eliminate that awkward moment when it’s time to start dinner. Everyone has a place and the cards are just another small detail that make a big difference.
  • Dessert Table: Typically at our sit-down dinners or lunches we quickly whisk away finished and unwanted plates and glasses to return with dessert plates for each guest. But that can pull you away from guests and sometimes everyone needs time before jumping into the next course. We loved how this event had a “Dessert Table” that allowed guests to help themselves when they were ready!
  • Watermelon Cocktail Garnishes: August IS National Watermelon month, so this is the perfect garnish! Small wedges add a unique look to your drink – and a tasty bite afterwards! 

Will you be hosting a “Farewell to Summer Soiree” for friends and family? Tell us what you would include!

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