RECIPE: Japanese Style Lobster Rolls

July 25, 2014 by Amanda Willis

You asked for it, you got it, the recipe for Japanese Style Lobster Rolls.

TheSistersSoiree.comIf you follow us on social media then you know I have been playing around with lobster a lot this summer and one of our favorites is the classic lobster roll. There is something so delicous about a simple lobster salad in a perfectly toasted bun that screams summer! The way I was taught to make lobster salad was very easy,  just take fresh lobster meat combined with mayo, red onion and celery. No fillers in the bun like lettuce and tomato, just pure lobster goodness. And this recipe was one of my favorites until someone introduced me to Japanese mayo, Kewpie.

Japanese Mayo Kewpie

Kewpie is thinner than regular mayo, slightly tangier and made with a few different ingredients. Believe it or not, American mayonnaise is the most popular condiment, made with whole eggs, distilled vinegar and vegetable oil. Kewpie is made from just egg yolks, which gives it a slightly “eggier” flavor, with apple cider vinegar and soy based vegetable oil. The unique ingredients makes a world a difference in kewpie signature taste, ultimately making for the best lobster salad. Hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

My general rule is two lobster rolls per person, which means if six people are eating, you want to shoot for about one and a half pounds of lobster meat. Once you are ready to make the salad, cube the lobster meat. A pet-peeve of Ashley’s is having two pieces stuck together making for an unappetizing consistency, so make sure there is no thread connecting two pieces together! I still like to add red onion and celery to the salad too, the onion makes for great flavor and the celery adds crunch. You can add these two at your own discretion. Add zest and juice from one lemon, salt and pepper to taste and finally the kewpie mayo. Add the kewpie last and be careful -You can always add more mayo, but you cannot take away!

Other than using Japanese mayo, the key to making a perfect lobster roll is properly toasting the bun. And in this case the more butter the better. Using a split top hot dog roll, slather each side with butter and toast in pan until golden, and I mean golden.

Golden goodness

Now that your lobster salad is made and the bun is perfectly toasted, you are just about ready to eat! Wondering what is sprinkled on top of these amazing looking pictures? That’s another Japanese element, called Shichimi Togarashi, a red pepper spice mix made with red pepper, orange peel, black sesame seed, Japanese pepper, seaweed and ginger.

Shichimi Togarashi

Once the bun is filled with lobster salad, I sprinkle Shichimi Togarashi and fresh chives on top, giving the whole lobster roll an added kick! It’s that simple to create the ultimate summer sandwich!

Japanese Style Lobster Rolls

Serves 6-8

  • 1 1/2 pounds lobster meat
  • Kewpie Mayo
  • Schichimi Togarashi
  • Red Onion
  • Celery
  • 1 Lemon
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Fresh Chives
  • 12-16 Split top hot dog buns
  • Butter

Cube lobster meat leaving some visible claws. Dice about half a red onion and a few celery stalks (use own discretion for exact amounts), zest one whole lemon and add the remaining juice. Add salt and pepper to taste. Carefully squeeze in Kewpie (use own discretion for exact amount), remember less is more when it comes to the mayo, if the salad sits over nights, moisture from the lobster will be released making for a watery salad. Toast hot dog bun and spoon in desired amount of lobster salad, once ready to serve, sprinkle the Japanese spice on and chives. Enjoy!

Japanese Style Lobster Roll



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