Expert Tips to Save Overly Salty Dishes

Expert Tips to Save Overly Salty Dishes

March 23, 2015 by Ashley Willis

Whether you’re a cooking genius or an amateur who can barely boil water, chances are you’ve had some cooking fails at one point or another. If there is one cooking mistake I find myself making, it’s a heavy hand on the salt! And sometimes, that heavy dose of salt in a dish can ruin all of your hard-work in the kitchen. We recently connected with Fabian Quiros, Executive Chef at Salt Creek Grille in Princeton, New Jersey who had some tips and tricks for us the next time we’ve accidentally over salted!

Rinse – Whether it’s vegetables or meat, first try rinsing the ingredient in cold water if it’s too salty. If this doesn’t work, try the next steps listed below.

Starch – If you’re trying to temper the Salt content of a soup or stew, adding a few slices of potatoes or even rice can help absorb some of the saltiness.

Sugar – Another way of balancing saltiness in a dish is adding a touch of sweetness such as sugar or honey.

Dilute – An additional way to fix a soup or stew that is too salty is to try to dilute it with some water or stock. The more you add to the pot, the more you can spread out the saltiness of the dish throughout a higher volume of ingredients.

Lemon Juice – If sugar or water isn’t cutting it, try adding lemon juice or other citrus juices so that the acidity can offset the overly salty dish.

Sauce – When all else fails, add a sauce to your dish to try and mask overly salty flavors. Whether it’s a sweet or bland sauce, a salty dish can be saved with a sauce that offsets some of that sodium.

Now your over salt-ing mishap is a well hidden secret!


-Ashley Willis, co-founder of The Sisters’ Soiree 

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