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Our Top Picks to Travel in Style

May 18, 2015 by Amanda Willis

We have been on-the-go lately for foodie events, catering requests, fashions shows and mixology classes – exhausting, but so fun!! Most recently we hopped on a plane to Las Vegas for a quick trip to wine and dine in some of the best restaurants the town has to offer. For this fast-paced trip, we needed everything at our finger tips to be packed and ready to go. Convenience is key for any type of trip, long or short distance, but that doesn’t mean we have to lose our sense of style along the way. We searched for products that would pack easily, keep us style and comfy while on the move. Here’s what we brought along..

The Sleeper Scarf ($65)

Ditch your bulky travel pillow that you have absolutely nowhere to store.  These are not easy to take on flight, and when you’re done at the airport where do you put them? Our suitcase, carry-on and purse were filled to the brim. Luckily, we found The Sleeper Scarf – a stylish scarf with a pillow built in! Now, this may sound a bit odd but when you’re wearing the scarf you can not tell there is a pillow inside (we promise!). Once you’re at your seat, simply open the pouch to inflate the pillow! What we liked most about this what the scarf doubled as a shawl while inflated to keep us warm in our frigid plane. The material is extra soft and sleek, so it pairs well with anything! Not traveling? Simply remove the pillow inside if you’d like and you still have a warm, cozy scarf for fall! Watch their You Tube video, here! Available at ($10 off Sleeper Scarf + Free Shipping with Coupon Code: SISTERS10)

Sleeper Scarf

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Ray Ban’s WayFair Folding Classic ($155)

Folding sunglasses come in really handy when you’re rushing to get through the airport. You forgot the case, they won’t stay on top of head and now you have limited space left in your bags. These sunglasses easily fold up to a compact little square so you can store them easily in any pocket – even in your pants or jacket. Available at

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Jessica Simpson Expandable, Spinner Luggage ($ 74.99)

This suitcase made the trip from the house to the airport to the hotel and back again so simple. If you ‘ve never had a suitcase that can just roll back and forth, but spin in a complete circle you don’t know what you’re missing! It sounds so silly, but it’s not easy for a petite gal to lug around a 50+ pound suitcase so the extra mobility is extremely helpful. Jessica Simpson’s collection is stylish and affordable. Available at



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Dormify Luggage Tags ($18)

You might have a unique suitcase, but when they’re all falling onto the baggage claim belt, they start to all look exactly the same. The Dormify luggae tags are big, bright  tags that will help you spot your bag immediately! Not to mention, they have fun sayings on each one! Available at

luggage tag

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Kate Spade Passport Holder ($78)

If you’re an avid traveler like us, you are proud of your passports. I love flipping through the pages to see the stamps from every country I have visited. Your passport should have a home of its own. We picked up these Kate Spade passport holders,  scripted with ready for departure. Adorable! Available at

Kate Spade

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CitySlips Quilted Cap-Toe Travel Flats ($28)

These come in handy every day! Foldable flats from CitySlips roll up neatly and tightly to fit easily into your bag. They are a life saver when you have been on your feet all day (or all night!) in uncomfortable shoes and need a switch ASAP. The split-sole structure and comfy elastic backing  allow them to fold neatly into the small pouch. Perfect for traveling home from the office or to your next vacation! Available at

Tipsy Toes

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These products were so helpful on our recent trip and hope you all give them a try. What are your favorite stylish travel items? Share in a comment below!


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