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January 20, 2015 by Amanda Willis

Breakfast ToastBreakfast just got a whole lot tastier! We have been eating toast for so many years, so we wanted to take our breakfasts to the next level with high protein, a ton of flavor and unique combinations. We love the idea of toasts because they are so simple to make, easily eaten on the go and quite versatile when it comes to flavor combos. A hearty whole wheat is the perfect backbone to each toast recipe. So move over cereal and yogurt, breakfast just got a whole lot more interesting!

Start with a spreadable base, it can be anything from ripe avocado, smashed beans, hummus or any type of cheese like goat, ricotta, bleu and more.

Then you want to add fruit, veggies and protein. Think sliced apples, pears, strawberry or banana. Anything fruit you would toss into a morning shake would be just as delicous. And for veggies, try making a deconstructed omelet with a fried egg over sautéed kale and mushrooms sprinkled with cheddar cheese.

Finally, add some crunch and something to tie all the flavors together. Any type of hot sauce is amazing in the morning, but agave or honey work well with fruits, or even a balsamic glaze. Then top it off with some nuts for extra protein or chia seeds, even edamame! See our favorite combinations below!

Almond Butter, Strawberry, Chia Seeds

Sister Soiree Toasts

Smashed Avocado, Edamame, Sriracha

Sisters Soiree Toasts

Ricotta, Pear, Agave, Walnuts

Sisters Soiree ToastsOur favorite was the ricotta, pear, agave and walnut! Such unexpected but delicous flavor combinations in the morning. We have been eating peanut butter toasts since we were kids and basically but avocado on everything so the ricotta blew us away with pears, sweetened agave and extra crunch from the walnuts. So good!

Which One Do You Prefer?

Which One Do You Prefer?

What flavor combinations can you come up with? Tell us in the comments below and post pictures to our Facebook Page!


-Amanda xo



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