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Meet the Sisters


Meet the Sisters

Get to know the sisters behind the soirees!

The Sisters’ Soiree is a lifestyle website dedicated to lifting spirits one soiree at a time! We are Ashley and Amanda Willis, two twenty-somethings on a mission to make ‘home entertaining’ fun again. Forget what you know about traditional home entertaining – the awkward sit down dinners and the boring cocktail parties – and be inspired by new, fun and creative ways to bring new and old friends together. From make your own pizza parties, Friends-giving, S’mores & Coors Night, Pasta and Vino – we’re ditching the norm and changing tradition.

We’re spending the weekends mixing cocktails, testing recipes and creating DIY party decor, while dreaming up new soiree themes. Grab a drink and join us!

About our Inspiration, Our Mother


Holli has been entertaining her family and friends for years! We’ve learned everything we know from her – including the very important party rules: never let a guest’s cocktail be empty and make enough food to feed an army. Holli has an eye for detail like no other, everything from the linens to the china is well thought out in advance. We owe everything to our mother for making us the hosts we are today! Here’s to you, mom! CHEERS!