Build-Your-Own Taco Station (

Make-Your-Own Taco Station!

July 31, 2014 by Ashley Willis

Food at your party can be fun and tasty, without a lot of work on your part (no, really!). Our taco station is a great way to put out a crowd-pleasing spread of food that doesn’t require you, as the host, slaving over a hot stove away from your guests. For the informal cocktail parties or backyard get-togethers, the taco station is a fun food item for guests to build their own tasty masterpiece. We’re sharing all the details with you here, and have the full Sisters’ Soiree Taco Station shopping list on Instacart with everything you need, so you can have your groceries delivered while focusing on more important to-do items, like finding the perfect outfit for the fiesta!

Our portable three-dish hot plate came in handy for this food set-up. The hot plate kept our shredded chicken, beef and black beans hot and allowed the taco station to be open for the entire party without anything getting cold. If you don’t own one of these, simply take a visit to your local dollar store or party store to find sternos to keep your food warm! They’re a great alternative that works just as well.

Taco Station Ingredients (

Taco Station Ingredients (

Taco Station Ingredients

Here’s what you’ll need at the Taco Station (and of course anything else you like to pile on your own tacos at home!)

The Basics: Get a mix of hard and soft taco shells to start. Next, prepare the basic toppings of shredded lettuce, diced tomato, shredded cheddar cheese, onions and cilantro.

The Meats: We chose shredded beef and ground beef seasoned with a mild taco mix. It’s also a good idea to include cooked down black beans for your vegetarian friends. These are all so simple to cook and can be placed in sternos to stay warm during the party – ensuring you can mingle with guests without watching the stove!

The Extras: Now for some added kick! Put out Hot Sauce, Guacamole (see our semi-homemade recipe for even more convenience), Sour Cream and Salsa as the final toppings at your ultimate taco station.

Buffet Tip! Be sure to keep a small plate to hold the serving spoon or fork in front of each topping. This will help keep the counter or table clean as guest dig into each bowl for their ingredients!

Doesn’t that sound simple! It’s the prep work of slicing and dicing and cooking the meat, followed by a little presentation work and wa-la! This taco station is sure to impress guests at any house party!

Taco Night! (

Taco Night! (


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