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Items Every Hostess Should Have on Hand

August 17, 2015 by Ashley Willis

Unexpected guests have become the new normal in our houses – which is to be expected when you run a blog about parties, food and cocktails! So knowing that we will occasionally have the unexpected guests who stop by to see what the sisters of the Sisters’ Soiree are doing, we have learned to stock up on a few specific items to ensure we can keep up our hostess-with-the-mostess facade! Here’s a look at what we keep on hand for those sudden knocks at the door.

Snacks with a Nice Presentation

When we see blocks of cheese on sale, we stock up. We have all different kinds at the ready to place on a platter with crackers for any last-minute guest. Small pretzels and hummus are another easy to store snack we put out that is a crowd pleaser. Grab cute bowls and plates to present these easy snack items and guests will think you were waiting for them to arrive!

Full Bar & Wine Assortment

Small Bottles of Wine and Champagne are a must-have. Beyond unexpected guests, these are perfect for the impromptu dinner out at the local BYO restaurant or to bring as a gift for another hostess or friend your visiting (remember it’s a party foul when you arrive empty handed!) We absolutely adore the mini 4-packs of champagne from Barefoot Bubbly and Cooks to offer our guests.

 Cocktail Napkins Galore

We are always stocking up on cocktail napkins. Why? It is the EASIEST way to make a great impression when serving even the most simple drinks. Our favorites include the retro style with cheeky quotes from Of course, any trip we take to Marshall’s results in at least two new set of napkins too – you can’t be their ever-changing seasonal options.

Easy Breakfast Items – Just in Case

For those unexpected over-night guests, always be prepared to put out a few options of food before they hit the road. Our go-to menu for these mornings include juice, coffee, Thomas mini bagels and jam (our favorite is Bonne Maman Apricot Preserves). Paired  with cute cocktail napkins and paper plates, the presentation is impressive once again!

Having a few extra items on hand like this is the best way to treat guests and show off how great of a party host you are!

-Ashley Willis, co-founder/blogger of The Sisters’ Soiree 


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