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A Do-Good Soiree with Eat for Equity

July 29, 2014 by Ashley Willis

While traveling to Tennessee this summer for the Bonnaroo Music Festival we met a unique organization, Eat for Equity, who is helping nonprofit causes through community feasts. Naturally, this piqued our interest as we are true believers in combining good food and friends to bring joy, laughs and lasting memories! So why not bring good food and local neighbors together to benefit a great cause in your town? Sounds like a win, win to us! Here’s how they’re helping others with their do-good soirees and how you can join the fun.


Helping Others through Sustainable Feasts

Eat for Equity supports nonprofit causes that address inequities in health, education and the environment with short term relief and long term sustainable development. The organization has raised more than $100,000 for local and international nonprofit causes while serving thousands of plates of local food. Their grassroots team has established communities in Minneapolis, Boston, Portland, Madison, the Ozarks, Seattle, Phoenix, Connecticut, the Bay Area, and Washington D.C.

The dinner table has the great ability to bring people together over a common shared interest, food. Eat for Equity uses that commonality to bring communities to a dinner table type setting to talk about an important cause, raise awareness and funds. We can’t think of a better theme for a soiree then giving-back.

Host a Community Feast in Your Town

If you don’t see a branch of Eat for Equity in your town, start a new branch where you are! All it takes is a cause, a home, and a few good friends to bring this noble cause to your community. Start the discussion with your neighbors, church members, or any local club or organization you’re a part of. Find a local cause that is in need of support and is important to the community. Planning this do-good soiree can be a group-effort. Get volunteers involved to help plan locations, music, food, drinks and work with Eat for Equity directly to help pull together the ways you can spread the word and raise money for a cause that’s important to you and your town.

Recipes for Your Do-Good Soiree

The team at Eat for Equity has a collection of recipes that are sure to make this charitable party a hit! We’re excited to recreate the Golden Dressing, Carrot Harissa Spread, and the Brussel Sprout Slaw. These unique recipes are sure to bring smiles and tasty memories! Visit their recipe page to find even more ideas! LINK: Recipe page from Eat for Equity

Photo Credit - - TravisAnderson

Photo Credit – – TravisAnderson

If you”re unable to host a do-good soiree with Eat for Equity, you can still help the organization give back to important causes across the country. Visit their website to see how your contributions will help.


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