An Horderves Party featuring Local Food Vendors!

December 3, 2013 by Amanda Willis
Gather round the island with endless horderves

Gather round the island with endless horderves

One of our favorite parties to host are those with fun finger foods! A more casual option to a sit down dinner, but certainly no less food. We love to shop local and found three great food vendors in our area that selling delicious homemade products. See what goodies we served our friends!

JD Gourmet

Specializing in Italian barrel-aged balsamic vinegars and olive oil blends. JD Gourmet have been in the industry for over eight years and continually giving customers best quality product. For our finger food soiree, we served cubed beets and avocado on toothpicks with crumbled goat cheese and drizzled with JD Gourmet’s Barrel-Aged Balsamic Vinegar. It’s like a  bite-size salad! The creamy avocado with sharp goat cheese and the sweet tang of the balsamic makes for a flavorful bite. JD also sells, balsamic vinegar infused with pear, cranberry, even chocolate and more! Purchase their products here! And so you never run out of ideas to use their products, check out their recipe guide with endless tips on creating delicious meals and snacks!

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Country Herbs

We sure do love dip around here, so when we found Country Herb Seasoning and Dip packages we couldn’t pass it up! Producing creative blends of herbs, spices, dried vegetables and gourmet blends that are so easy to put together, it is perfect for a last minute guest. They are completely natural, with, no MSG, fillers or additives. We served the Dilly Dip with a crudite and assorted crackers. The dips come packages as a dried seasoning to be combined with sour cream, greek yogurt or cream cheese. Each package comes with a complete recipe guide on the best ways to use the seasoning! Either add flavor to potato salad or even make a salad dressing, the possibilities are endless! Stock up for the holidays, here!


Celtic Chairde Creations 

We found homemade jams by Celtic Chairde Creations with unusual flavors that we needed to taste to believe. And we are sure glad we did! Sangria flavored jam made with real wine and citrus, good enough to drink. And the Dark Autumn Jam, made with beer, sugar and spices, that took first place as our favorite. For our horderve hour, we warmed the sangria jam and poured it over a block of cream cheese and made the perfect spread to be served with butter crackers. We saved the Dark Autumn for the morning, spread on toast. This company also makes homemade, all natural skin and bath products. Check them out for your one stop holiday shopping!



We highly recommend checking out these local retails for your holiday parties and gift ideas! You will not regret it, enjoy!

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