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Hangover Help On The Way!

January 1, 2015 by Amanda Willis

Tequila, Jack and Vodka shots all may have sounded like a good idea once the clock struck midnight last night, but today…you’re hurting. New Year’s Day is one of the biggest hang over days of the year, but that is no surprise, it just wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve without the spirits flowing all night long! Before you swear off alcohol for the rest of your days, check out our remedies to help you get through today and have you smooth sailing to a head ache free 2015! I think this calls for a Bloody Mary, Happy New Year!


hang over help

What really is a hang over? Well those beers and cocktails you pounded last night actually dehydrated your system. Weird right? All those fluids make you dehydrated? It’s true. Just think, all the alcohol made you visit the restroom more frequently then non-alcoholic drinks do. The more times you use the bathroom, the more water you are releasing from your body. Same thing is to said about perspiration. Alcohol makes you sweat more (especially if you busted a move last night) which means even more water being released from your system. Dehydration causes dry mouth, headaches, faintness, dizziness and more, probably all the symptoms you are feeling right now. The best hangover prevention is to drink a glass of water right after each alcoholic drink and to drink water right before you go to bed. But if the room is spinning right now, you probably didn’t do that last night. So, to make up for it, drink lots of water right now and through out the day. Shoot for electrolytes too, such as SmartWater or Gatorade. Electrolytes carry salt, which your body needs right now. Best hangover drink, Coconut Water which has five electrolytes the body has naturally. Read more about it, here.

2. Pickle Juice

Hang Over Help

This sour, salty goodness may sound strange as a hang over cure, but it is a tip sent from the Gods. Pickle juice contains salt, vinegar and water which will replenish your sodium levels and help to rehydrate you. And you don’t need much either. Take a few sigs, (2 oz should do the trick, a typical shot size) before hitting the bars for your New Year’s Day Bloody and you will be feeling good!

3. Fruit Juice


Cranberry, Orange, Tomato, Apple,  doesn’t matter which you choose, the sugar will help your metabolism to assist with… umm, let’s just say getting rid of those bad toxins you consumed last night. The fructose will also help with energy, giving you the boost you need to get going in the morning. And as an added bonus, the vitamins in fruit juice will also help with the rehydration process.

4. Sleep

hangover help

Once the sun comes through your window, the room spins, acute sensitivity kicks in, your head is pounding and the last thing you want to do is get up. So don’t. As long as you have water close by, take a few swigs and go back to bed. However that is not a luxury everyone is allowed which jobs, responsibilities and so on. There is no denying a hangover is miserable, sleep will sure help and make your day more bearable. Since it’s New Year’s Day, I encourage to give yourself another hour or two of sleep, to make sure you are fully recovered and recharged to start 2015 right!

5. Hair of the Dog

Hangover Help

Now this one is a constant debate in our house. Some say nothing cures a hangover better than to have the hair of the dog that bit you but as science explains it, we are just prolonging the misery that comes with a hangover. But in my opinion, a Bloody Mary has everything the body needs after a night out drinking, salt from pickle juice or olive juice to help rehydrate, sugar from the tomato juice to wake up my metabolism, a healthy helping over veggies to soak up the alcohol, and of course vodka which helps everything. duh. I vote Bloody Mary every day. Hangover or not!


Here’s to the New Year! Cheers!


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