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Grilling Q&A with Chef D. Wais

June 30, 2014 by Ashley Willis

Just a short while ago we stumbled upon Chef D. Wais on Instagram and immediately became obsessed with the images of his homemade, mouthwatering dishes posted daily. Chef D Wais gives us a look at dishes that are a  simple fusion style of cooking. A master at the grill, we had to get his tips for making the best meals on your grill. Get ready to impress your friends this weekend with your new technique and an impressive stuffed burger recipe…

We see on your Instagram (@chefdwais / #chefdwais) you make amazing looking stuffed burgers! How do you make the perfect stuffed burger on the grill? Is there a trick to making sure these stay intact and cook-through?

The perfect stuffed burger is all about timing. The grill needs to be at a certain temperature when you place the burger on the grill. I use a burger mold to help my burgers stay in tact, but you can do the same without one.

Chef D. Wais -  Grilling Tips

Chef D. Wais – Grilling Tips

Aside from meat vegetables, what else do you like to cook the grill? Why?  

 I love cooking fruits on the grill. Pineapples are one of my favorite toppings for my burgers. The juiciness and acidity of the fruits work well with the spices I use for my burgers.

What are the common grilling mistakes you see the average home cooks make, and how can they fix them?

I see many people like to play around with the item that’s on the grill. Don’t fickle with the fish, chicken or meat too much. Let it sit and cook and only flip when necessary.

Can you get the same grilled taste from inside your kitchen if you can’t access your grill? How? (or why not?)

The truth is, that the grilled, fresh BBQ taste can’t be duplicated at home. You can get the grill marks from a grill pan and use various spices to imitate the flavor but it most likely won’t taste like a genuine charcoal/gas BBQ.

What are your tips for grilling kebabs? (Should the meat be cooked beforehand, will the meat and veggies cook evenly?) What are your favorite combinations of food when making kebabs?

A great tip for kebabs is to make sure the meat is marinated beforehand and that you use a plentiful amount of vegetables/fruits on the skewer. The vegetables and meat will cook evenly. I start making kebabs by putting the skewers on the main/highest flame on the grill. After the kebabs cook for a little bit I place them to the side of the grill where the flame is a little weaker. When the kebab is on the side, I flip it every so often so it cooks evenly in a low and slow manner.

Do you have a favorite grilling recipe you’d like to share with a photo for our readers?

I’d love to share my stuffed burger recipe. It’s simple and so delicious. This burger is a show stopper and it’s perfect for a memorable summer BBQ. I hope you enjoy!

Spicy Maple Teriyaki Stuffed Burgers

by Chef D. Wais

Chef D. Wais

Chef D. Wais


2 Pounds ground beef

1 Burger bun

1 Half spanish onion

1 Beef tomato

1 Head romaine lettuce

½  Bag assorted organic yellow & orange sweet peppers

1 Teaspoon cracked black pepper

1 Teaspoon sweet paprika

2 Teaspoons garlic powder

½ Teaspoon salt

1 Teaspoon oregano

1 Table spoon bbq sauce

1 Teaspoon soy sauce

2 Tablespoons organic maple syrup

1 Tablespoon of Sweet garlic & sesame teriyaki sauce

1 Tablespoon olive oil


Metal spatula

½ Pound burger mold


Start by preparing the toppings for your burger. Take your spanish onion, beef tomato, and romaine lettuce and slice as your prefer. Place the veggies on a plate, cover with saran wrap, and place in the fridge.

Chop up half a bag of mini assorted sweet peppers as prefered. Throw one tablespoon of olive oil into a pan on medium high heat along with your sweet peppers for ten minutes until slightly softened. Add two tablespoons of maple syrup, one tablespoon of sweet garlic sesame teriyaki sauce, and turn the stove to medium low to cook down for ten minutes. Place in a small bowl to let cool off.


Take your ground beef add the crushed black pepper, salt, oregano, garlic powder, sweet paprika, one tablespoon bbq sauce, teaspoon soy sauce and give it a good mixing. Take ½ pound of your ground beef and place into your burger mold.

Take out a bit from the center of the mold creating a small nest, stuff your burgers with the sweet peppers, and close up your patty  with the piece you have originally taken out. I like to throw my patties into the freezer for five minutes just to solidify the patties after being at room temperature. Give a great hold onto your burgers.

Start your grill and bring the temperature up to 400 degrees. Throw your patties and sliced onions onto the grill rotating the patties 90 degrees every 2 minutes for 4 minutes, flip, and repeat. Toast your choice of bun and ,top with grilled onions, sliced tomatoes, and Sliced romaine lettuce.


Enjoy and Share your recreations of Chef D. Wais’ Maple -Teriyaki Stuffed Burger on Instagram, with the tag #ChefDWais

Follow the grill master here on Facebook  and Instagram for more delicious inspiration!


Ashley + Amanda

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