Five Must-Haves For Your Summer Party

May 19, 2015 by Amanda Willis

Summer soirees are upon us! We’ve done a lot of researching and our fair share of partying to compose this list of the must-haves at your next summer soiree. We are convinced this list of goodies will have your guests talking about your party long after summer is over.

1. Homemade Dips and Spreads

Move over onion dip, we are now adults and in need something better to satisfy our chip and dip cravings. Offer guests a trio of homemade dips to be served with pita bread and tortilla chips. Our three go to’s are black bean and corn salsa, guacamole and a pine nut hummus. See our recipe for our very own gauc and salsa here!

2. Lawn Twister Tournament

Every outdoor party should have a game! Whether it is a card game, drinking game or so on, guests need to be entertained some how. Get everyone active with a Twister tournament. Pick up red, yellow, blue and green spray paint and just paint the grass to resemble an actual Twister board. Create multiple “boards” next to each other so many guests can play at once and turn it into a tournament. The Ultimate Twister Champion deserves a prize, too!

3. Ice Luge

Okay, we may not be in college anymore…but having an ice  luge will be a fun party centerpiece and have everyone reminiscing about those wild college days. Check out your local ice supplier to see what they offer. Ice luges will be best for a late afternoon party because of the heat and sun, they melt about an inch an hour. So in order to get the most bang for your buck, party early! Try pre-mixing your own “shot” to pour down the luge, such as a Bay Breeze or Lemon Drop, less liquor waste and a tastier option.

4. Slider Trio Buffet

No party is complete without food! We chose to serve a variety of sliders: cheeseburger, buffalo chicken and black bean sliders. These mini burgers were a hit and offered a lighter option for guests to try multiple dishes that evening. They’re also easy to pick-up and eat while mingling with other guests!

5. Party Menu Board

As a fun decor idea, we took an old window and propped it up on the buffet table to write our menu. You can typically find these old windows at garage sales, flea markets, or simply being tossed on the curb from houses under construction. Either paint or adhesive paper to write on will work great to write a dish in each window pane. It will act as a guide for your buffet and provide the table with a focal point!

With these five party ideas, your soiree will be the hit of the summer!

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