Easy Outdoor Lighting Round Up

July 31, 2013 by Amanda Willis

DSC_0352As we approach August, we realize that summer is winding down too quickly! To get the most out of the outdoors in this last month, we wanted to make our backyard as relaxing as in the indoors and to make us never want to leave the patio. Check out how we light up our backyard to extend our summer nights even longer. Don’t forget the bug spray!

String Christmas Lights

  •  We know never to pack away the string lights after the holiday season for a few reasons. One, they make for fun DIY projects in the summer like this one and two, it is hard to find these lights all year round. Right on our deck we have a large tree growing from the wood with flowers planted around it. We decided to string some lights around it, and now it makes just enough light to guide our way to the pool or light up a summer dinner. It is also pretty to look at!
  • Another option for Christmas lights is wrapping them around a wreathe or hula hoop to make a chandelier above an outdoor table. Ashley brought you the how to on the hula hoop light fixture last week, and the wreathe was part of the decor for my Romantic Dinner for Two. Christmas lights are so versatile  they can be strung anywhere! Try lighting up the depths of your yard like a deck or a fence. Guests will be able to see how far the backyard is and feel comfortable walking around with all the added light!


Decorative String Lights

  • Often in the summer months we see cute string lights sold in retailers and we couldn’t pass them up (on sale of course!) We found rubber grape string lights and wrapped them around latice off the deck. Over the years flowers have started growing around the latice, so when lite up at night, the purple grapes reflect off the white hibiscus and is gorgeous!
  • A unique set of lights we recently came across is a string of large light bulbs with a brown whicker covering. Believe it or not, the sisters’ we stumped on where to put them because of the size and shape. However, we wove them in and out of the prongs in a market umbrella at the outdoor dinner table. They were the perfect length and everything! They give the illusion of kitchen lights, such as high hats, but out doors!


Table lamps

  • This is a trick of our mothers. From entertaining for years, our mom started putting tables lamps in various locations around the backyard and now we do it! Often times, sting lights are not enough when entertaining, the lamp is bright and makes everything feel like home! A must try when lighting up the backyard.


How do you light up the outdoors?

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