Creating Personal Touches

April 8, 2014 by Amanda Willis

TheSistersSoiree.comWhen deciding where to host a dear family members birthday party, it was important to us that we could add our own decor to the restaurant. Dish, A Restaurant offered us great party packages including a brunch, luncheon and dinner options, but the best part, they had a brilliant staff to help us turn a blank canvas into a work of art!

TheSistersSoiree.comWith soft yellow walls and many movable tables to work with, it was very easy to add some birthday cheer to the restaurant. Our guest list was only about 2o people so rather than having multiple tables through out, Dish’s party planner suggested one, large captains table, where everyone can talk to each other with ease. Luckily for us, Dish’s decor includes mason jars of fresh flowers for each table so we were able to move them where we please. But it is a great idea for any soiree that is cheap too!

TheSistersSoiree.comThe best part of the catering venue we chose is that they are a BYO! So we were able to bring our own alcohol and set up a bar. Across the entire back wall we set up tables and had our guests choose from wine, beer or mixed drinks as they pleased. We bought our own clear bin to ice the beer and borrowed the restaurants ice buckets to chill the wine. To add a personal touch, we lined the tables with flower arrangements and cocktail napkins.

TheSistersSoiree.comThe food was an absolute hit! With a choice of a family style appetizer, salad and entree, our guests left more than satisfied!

TheSistersSoiree.comLastly, we kept a table open for guests to fill with gifts and for our party favors. All in all, it was a great day!

Tips on personalizing a catering venue

  • Create flower arrangements to brighten the room.
  • Bring festive cocktail napkins and hand towels to dress up the bar area and bathroom.
  • Ask your party planner to create menus with a personal tag line.
  • Create the space that YOU want. If you want four tables of four, do it! Or like us, we had one table of 20 and it was perfect. Same goes for the other areas, move the tables to create a buffet, a gift table or a bar.

Dish is a great option for bridal showers, baby showers, engagement parties and so on! They will even do off premise catering! Keep them in mind when planning your next catered event!










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