Moscow Mule; The Sisters Soiree

Cocktail Recipe: Moscow Mule

January 28, 2015 by Amanda Willis

The Jersey Shore was just hit with very lack luster #Blizzard2015 this week as forecasters over shot the weather and predicted 20 to 30 inches of snow fall, but in the last few hours before the storm, it was blown off track leaving us with a mere 2 to 12 inches in some places. womp womp…..

But we did see snow with about 9 to 12 inches here so we thought it was the perfect time to break out our copper mugs and shake up some Moscow Mules to celebrate our snow day!

Moscow Mule; The Sisters Soiree

Moscow Mule

Serves Two

  • 1/2 cup of Vodka
  • 2 Tbsp Fresh Lime Juice
  • 1 Cup of Ginger Beer
  • Lime Wedges to Garnish
  • Ice

Fill copper mugs with ice. Add vodka and lime juice, then ginger beer; stir to mix. Garnish with lime wedge, traditionally. For a different twist, try adding different fruit and herbs to the drink. Try an orange slice, or mint leaves, or blueberries for a modern twist on a classic cocktail! Cheers!

Why the Copper Mug?

The copper mug is pretty essential when it comes to the Moscow Mule. First, the temperature. This cocktail is to be served ice cold. Often made with crushed ice, gives the drink a slushy consistency. The copper mug keeps the drink extremely cold. Since the forties, drinkers have chilled their cocktails drinks in copper cups to offer an extra-cool sensation, due to the metal quickly taking on the icy temperature of the cocktail once it’s filled, sort of like an insulation to the drink. The handle of the mug helps maintain drink temperature, without your hand creating warmth while cupping the mug.

There are taste benefits while using the copper mug as well.  The copper can enhance the each flavor of the cocktail. Experts say that when vodka touches the walls of the mug, the copper begins to oxidize which slightly enhances the taste and aroma of the vodka. Cold copper can also increase the amount of bubbles in the carbonated ginger beer, bringing maximum fizziness to the Mule compared to being served in a plastic or glass cup.

Finally, it is all about the experience of sipping on the Moscow Mule. Would a dirty martini be the same with out a martini glass? Would you drink wine from a pint glass? No. Drinking is all about the experience and the Moscow Mule was meant for the traditional copper mug. We’ll drink to that!


Amanda xo

Moscow Mule; The Sisters Soiree

Moscow Mule; The Sisters Soiree

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