Make Your Own Pizza Party

October 17, 2014 by Amanda Willis
We are huge fans of pizza! But then again, who isn’t?! Some of our best memories happen around the kitchen table, so this weekend, grab your buds, some beer and host a…


Swedish Fika

October 15, 2014 by Amanda Willis
Sit back, relax and enjoy a fika. When Ashley and I were teenagers, our mother took us to Sweden to visit and meet her family. She had lived there for a few…


Beer Garden Soiree

September 23, 2014 by Amanda Willis
The German heritage kicked off their Oktoberfest celebration September 20 which lasts until October 5. This year marks the 181st Oktoberfest for Munich, Germany, which is known to be the World’s Largest…

Photo Credit: Eat for Equity (

A Do-Good Soiree with Eat for Equity

July 29, 2014 by Ashley Willis
While traveling to Tennessee this summer for the Bonnaroo Music Festival we met a unique organization, Eat for Equity, who is helping nonprofit causes through community feasts. Naturally, this piqued our interest…

Beach Picnic Soiree

4 Essentials for the Perfect Beach Picnic

July 22, 2014 by Ashley Willis
Beach weekends are the best weekends! Make them even more entertaining by packing a picnic to sip and snack in front of the ocean while enjoying the sea breeze. Once you’ve made…


Summer Seafood Feast

July 7, 2014 by Amanda Willis
Nothing beats fresh seafood in the summer! Growing up on the Jersey Shore we are lucky enough to have some of the best fish the ocean can offer. There are so many…

Summer Picnic

June 3, 2014 by Amanda Willis
When temperatures reach the 80’s everyday, I want to be outside as much as possible! So I thought this was the perfect time for a picnic. A very casual outing with my…

SistersSoiree Spring Fling

VIDEO: Spring Fling

May 14, 2014 by Amanda Willis
We couldn’t help ourselves when the weather turned warmer and the days turned longer, that was reason enough to celebrate! Filling our room with bright colors and our best friends was the…

Bruschetta Bar

May 7, 2014 by Amanda Willis
Ever since we attended the SheKnows Expert Event, we have been dying to recreate the Bruschetta Bar they served to their guests. A bar filled with different types of breads, spreads and…

Cinco De Mayo Table Setting

May 1, 2014 by Amanda Willis
As the weekend approaches, we are preparing for our Cinco De Mayo Soiree. This is one of our favorites to prep and plan for! For a fiesta-inspired tabletop it is all about…