Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar

April 16, 2014 by Amanda Willis

It is no secret we love our Sunday Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas, so we decided to set up a “Create Your Own Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar” for our guests to try. Everyone has a preference when it comes to their Bloody, either spicy, savory or plain, it is so hard to cater to our guests so we thought we might as well have them make their own Sunday cocktail. And the same is to be said about mimosas, half juice half bubbly, splash of juice, no juice. So we set up a bar with every juice, fixing and garnish we could think of! Our guests were more than pleased by all the options available and kept reinventing their own creation with each new drink. Take a look at ours!

Bloody Mary Bar

First things first

Your must have items for this bar are glasses, straws, skewers and plenty of tomato juice and vodka.


Get creative! Not only are Bloody’s full of veggies, they can be topped off with dried meats, shrimp and even petite sandwiches.┬áCelery, Pepperoni , Lemons, Peppers, Asparagus, Baby Pickles, Cherry Tomatoes, Olives. Don’t forget about the spices! Hot sauce, Worcestershire, Horseradish, Celery Seed. We even put out a bacon salt to rim each glass!

Mimosa Bar

A mimosa bar goes with out saying champagne and glasses are needed. But to make ours a bit unique, rather than plain old orange juice, we offered guests Blood Orange and Grapefruit Soda, a lightly sweet and extra bubbly way to jazz up a mimosa. Don’t forget the fruit garnish!


Ashley & Amanda



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